My Story

What I do

Why I do it

My name is Lihi Ben Haim. I'm a writer, a poet, a guide, a teacher, and a painter. I have been teaching creative writing and supporting people’s creative process through lessons and meetups since 2012.

I am very passionate about sharing creativity and my skills.

I live with my husband and our son in Switzerland, and we are originally from Jerusalem.

I’ve been writing all my life, and since coming to Zurich, I started writing poetry, had some of my best works translated into English, and self-published two poetry books; “Please Keep my Secrets Very Safe” and “Lightly Dancing”. Some more books are in the making, many poems are waiting for me to edit them and send them out into the world. And many more poems are waiting to be written.

My love for words includes both academic and creative ones. I am a graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I hold an M.A. in Hebrew Literature and am a professional editor with a diploma from the Hebrew University.



2008 was a difficult year for me. I was an editor with a passion for words, sitting in my little rented apartment in Tel Aviv, sending out resumes to publishers and editing other people’s words.


Fast forward to 2012

It was the summer of 2012, we were four writers at Kafi Schoeffel, in the heart of Zurich, writing and hanging out. Sasha, Ashraf, Tessa, and me; we were the core of an amazing writing group.

This group was my baby, and it was both exciting and inspiring!



How did I get there?

I underwent a transformation, which brought creativity into my life. Here, I am going to share the story of my transformation. Today, I work with people who want to write and I support them. I remind them that they can undergo this transformation too. That they are capable of living a creative life, I offer them motivation and the tools to fight their doubts and to win. I ensure that they know it is possible and show them how to keep writing and creating.



Rewind to 2008

My transformation story; 

Creative writing & creativity 

I was 31 when I realized I had a creative side. I was in Tel Aviv then, sending out resumes and editing. This seemed like the obvious route for me to take. I had just graduated from one of the top universities in Israel and, after years of studying literature and language, had an editor’s career planned out. But I couldn’t stop feeling like there must be more to it than this. I wanted to be the one writing, not editing.

This is why, eventually, I found a writing workshop and there began on my creative path. In a quaint little street in the heart of Tel Aviv.

I was strongly affected by the new discoveries regarding creativity and the possibilities it brought to writing and to living.

My husband had found a job in Zurich, and I was more than happy for the change in atmosphere. I knew I would not have a Hebrew (my mother tongue) writing group in Zurich, but I still wanted to find company for my creativity – as I knew it needed the company to stay alive. I turned to drawing. I learned how to draw and paint and found the company I craved.



Starting “The Zurich Talking Creativity”

Meetup Group

In the winter of 2012, I started this group and called out to all the creators in and around Zurich. I said, “This group is for you if you like being creative and want to keep this part alive in you – meeting other creative people can help.”

Creators rushed in and it was exciting! We met regularly to catch up and get to know other creators around Zurich. We wanted to discuss and learn about the projects and the creative processes of everyone.

In this group, I found that language was not a barrier and that my creativity could indeed find the company in Zurich, even without my mother tongue. Within my smaller circle, we took it even deeper and further by starting our own writing group.

The weekly writing group was the most exciting part of the summer of 2012. Our core group met regularly at the cool Kafi (cafe) Schoffel in the heart of Zurich; Ashraf, Sasha, Tessa, and others all came together weekly. Here, we wrote together and talked about the creative process, the “behind the scenes” of writing.

Some wrote in English, while others in their mother tongues. We always found the ways to share and give each other feedback and support.

I had the pleasure to support others within our little writing community. I brought everything I had to the table, everything I had been learning about the creative process, about what could get in the way, and how we could get through it to keep writing.


Summer 2017

Starting an Online Poetry Community

At present, I am building an online poetry course and community where everybody can write poems, support and motivate each other.

My mission is for us to create, explore, and grow together. To support poets through their journey of creating poetry, all the writing blocks, and the creative bursts.

I'd like to connect with even more people and give them all the support and information. This is the main reason I am building this new course online, so we can connect without being limited by our geographical locations. 

I invite you to join me on this new adventure!