Muse & Consistency

Lately, poets have been telling me, that they lack consistency, and in the same breath, say that they can't find their muse or their creativity.

That made me think... Our challenge, as normal (non-mused) humans, is to be consistent enough, in order to have a chance at catching a glimpse or a feel of our muse.

That said, we might want to cut ourselves some slack, and re-define what writing consistency means to us. Any definition coming from our hearts or intuition will do. Any definition that won't have us beating ourselves up - will do. Because do you know what the biggest turn off for your creative muse is? You beating yourself up.

You're not alone, I'm not judging, we all do it. Even without noticing.

The problem is when your muse comes around to see if you're available to chat, and you're busy blaming or criticizing yourself - you won't notice it, and it will go away, seeing that you're too busy.

What CAN you do? Don't put too much pressure on consistency, because it's not in creativity's nature. Instead, use 5 minutes that you happened to carve out of your day, and write down anything.

Then, put your pen down, close your eyes, sit up straight, and call the muse, to remind it you're available:

Muse, muse, wherever you are, I welcome your divine light into my life right now. I welcome your divine light into my thoughts and breath. I ask that you clear away anything that does not support your will for my purpose. Clear away my doubts and fears like only you can. Fill me with courage as I learn what needs to be learned. Help me to be bold. Help me to love and accept myself right where I am, and then guide my feet and my pen to where I should go next with my writing. Bless my path and bless the paths of the words who are seeking me. What I am seeking is now seeking me, and for that I am grateful. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this gift of life. Let your will be done. Amen.

(Source and inspiration: Megan Jo Wilson)

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