No idea how to start

But I feel drawn to writing and I want to get started.

“I've not really written any poetry yet. but I feel drawn to it & want to get started. I just have no idea how to start. any advice/suggestions/guidance/resources would be appreciated.”

This is a question I got in my Facebook group:

My response: This is a really good question, and many would be interested in it. 

Here is my opinion about starting: Write, write badly, write a little, write a lot. Write bad first drafts. Edit them later. Know that the first words you write will NOT have to be the first words of your final poem. They might only be warm up words. If you have nothing to write about, find something to describe, anything.

Read and learn about creativity. Any book that resonates with you, read read read, because there is a lot to learn in order to undress the creative process of all the pressures and misconceptions put on it in our society.

Recommended books to start with: Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert (excellent Audiobook). The Artist's way, by Julia Cameron. Steal like an artist, by Austin Kleon.

Get back to me with more questions! 

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