Want more & Different. Growing or forcing?

"Sometimes writing comes so naturally to me, when I see a picture or a word. Or simply something I touch or see or feel inspires me. But I'm finding that other times I feel I'm writing stories as opposed to poems and I don't want to."

This is a question I got from the lovely lady, June.

Allow me to share my response,

and I hope that both the question and the response

will resonate with you:

Hi June, I know what you mean exactly. My advice would be to let go of control. Let go of thinking that you know what you're supposed to be writing. To paraphrase Tama Kieves: Let your writing lead you, let go of trying to be the leader of your writing path.

You're writing exactly what you're supposed to be writing. Even if it is not what you expected or hoped for. Later, you can pick and choose which pieces you're going to share with the world. Each of them is a piece of your writing path, it doesn't mean that all of them have to be shared, or define you in any way.

And let us take this a step further:

Do you ever feel like that you should be more or better, and writing in a different style, vocabulary, about different topics, or with a different and more knowledgeable poetic personality... And being MORE... more touching, wanting more audience, more time to write, being more modern, or more conventional... OMG, it never ends.

Well, sure, there is always room and will to change, grow, expand, learn.

Absolutely, granted.

I have felt so myself, and I still feel it at times.


first of all, Id like to welcome you to the possibility

of accepting your writing,

and yourselves as writers,

and validate your current state, your present style, and abilities.

Love them, and allow them to express whatever wants to be expressed.

And when you feel that you are done,

move on, change, grow, expand, learn.

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