Hey there, I'm Lihi. I aspire for you to see a change in your life:

My plan is to get some solid ground under your creative feet, unshakable ground, that will stay with you forever.

Going from hesitant and uncertain about your writing routine or your identity as a poet, to being super confident and always knowing that you can sit down and write, knowing that is it up to you. Even during difficult times, you will still hold a steady faith in your identity as a poet.


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What's included? 



The Poet Path Book. It is the foundation of this coaching program.


3 coaching emails.


3 Talks with me (audio or video according to details below).


7 weeks program.



Your Role

You immediately start reading and working through The Poet Path Book, and contact me with questions.

My Role

I respond to questions and comments regarding The Poet Path Book:

How to start, and stay motivated to write a lot. 

I guide you towards progress and breakthroughs.

I do NOT

Review or revise texts.

Advise on publishing.


Advise on structures, genres or metaphors. 

Lihi, I feel good with you, you are creative, communicative, fun and respectful.


  • The Poet Path Book: All 5 parts of the process. Includes the worksheets (action pages), the poet path stages and progress chart. Click here to read book description and details. 

  • 3 long written consultations with me. emails or posts on the poet path FB group, to consult me.

  • 3 (hour long) audio or video talks with me.

  • I respond to emails within 2-3 days.

  • Once you sign up, you have 7 weeks to make the best of this package.

  • Contents: 
    Part 1: Introduction & Mindset Shift; Quantity vs. Quality
    Part 2: The Internal Blocks
    Part 3: The External Blocks
    Part 4: The Practical Advice

       Part 5: The Tools

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Important note about audio calls, video calls, and email correspondence: I am a Mom, and my routine only allows me to schedule audio or video calls between 10:00-13:00 Central European Standard Time. In case our time differences won't allow live audio calls or video calls, we can replace them with some extra email correspondence.

Lihi has a magical and understanding softness. Gently, she helped me liberate the poet in me (and many others) and brought a lot of creativity out of me!

Lihi fills the gaps between "I want" and "I can". 



How will I know that Lihi is the right coach for me?



You have a couple of low-cost possibilities to get to know me: Read The Poet Path Book first, without committing to a whole coaching program. If you feel you need further guidance, sign up for coaching. 

You are also welcome to get to know me in my Facebook Group, or read my blog, to get a sense of who I am and feel if that resonates with you. 


Do you have another question? Contact me: lihi@poetpath.com.



Why should I call myself a poet? I am not a poet.



To take your writing seriously. Look, poets are everywhere, they are all kinds of people. Click to read more about that.



How to find time to write?



Did you know that 10 minutes a day are enough? Click here to read more about that.



Who would want to read my poems? And how will I handle their feedback?



People will read your poems, especially on social media, you can find the right readers for you. YOU pick the right ones. Read more about how to handle feedback.



What if I have no talent?



“most people mix up talent and skill. They believe that creativity is a gift that only a few are born with. The good news is that ingenuity is not a gift, but a skill that can be cultivated. It is a skill than can be acquired at any age.” Read more about that.


Coaching Program: The Poet Path To Writing a Lot