Connect to your inner writing motivation 
to stay motivated.
Writing as a hobby is what your soul longs for, 
but there are always blocks in your way?
I can help. Why?
Because I KNOW you can write. 
I know what you are going through because I've been there.
You know there is more inside of you, 
you want to connect to your own soul,
and to other souls, through writing. 
You can.
I can help you do the internal and external work that will get you there. 

Look Inside.

Have a pick into the foundation of the program.

Click on the pages

What is this about?

I want you to write, and turn your passion into poems, regularly.


Why are some people able to create a lot of poetry while others are struggling to find the motivation to write at all?

Why do some write a big quantity of poetry while others don't, and continue to believe they are not talented?

Why are some people writing despite obstacles and constraints while others are feeling blocked and avoiding writing? They hold in their hearts a big passion for words and they crave exploring life and meaning. So why do they feel blocked and avoid writing?

I aspire to demystify the process of writing for you, and answer all these questions and more. 

About Lihi: 

I am Lihi.  Writer, Teacher, Editor, Mother, Wife. 

I guide poets through writing blocks. Why? Because I believe you can write. Any way you want to. Self-published two poetry books; “Please Keep my Secrets Very Safe” and “Lightly Dancing”.

M.A. in Literature. A professional editor with a diploma from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



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Carmit Borowski

Lihi has a magical and understanding softness. Gently, she helped me liberate the poet in me (and many others) and brought a lot of creativity out of me!

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Daniel F. Cantalapiedra

Lihi fills the gaps between "I want" and "I can".